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Here’s what NutraPerfect is all about: Did you know most of your health problems, limitations and premature aging causes stem from a lack of essential nutrients? We get fatter, we have more digestive problems, we have more unknown viruses and bacteria, we have more cardiovascular health problems, more physiological as well as psychological problems, more inflammation, and more strokes and heart attacks.

My life’s research has been dedicated to “Crack the Code” of these life nagging limitations. I can’t wait to share my 33 years of research with you! I wish you well in your quest for good health and a good life.

-Dr Blaine Chambers Ed.D.

Getting Started With the NutraPerfect Lifestyle.

Many still think that going to an M.D. is their only chance of survival and a source to receive good health advice. It’s unbelievably devastating to hear that many M.D.s don’t offer alternative advice or give nutritional recommendations to my clients. Their answer is usually a new prescription. Is the pharmaceutical industry really helping you overcome illness or just making a lot of money (well, that’s for you to decide)?

The foundation of good health is fitness and nutrition. Featuring my most popular supplements, this is the easiest way to limit your daily nutritional deficiencies. 

*Individual Results May Vary. Results in testimonials are atypical and results will vary on individual circumstances. We recommend all NutraPerfect Products with a healthy diet & exercise.


Dr. Chambers, Thanks for your JointPerfect product. I have faithfully taken the indicated dosage of it for one year and my Orthopedic Surgeon tells me I now have cartilage growth in my knee joint where I had none before. Your recommendation of JointPerfect has saved me from a knee replacement. I appreciate your work.

B.G. | Omaha, Nebraska

When I first met Dr. Chambers in 2003 I was fighting with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). He was doing "blood analysis" in Omaha, and my friend took me to see him. I have no doubt in my mind that within a year or so the enzymes had turned that around. And I've been virtually trouble and pain free since. I will NOT be without the Enzymes. And yes I do tell people my experience with them.

In 2006 I "failed" a stress test during a physical. Within hours they had me scheduled for an angiogram. After the test there was nothing to show for it. There was nothing noted on the graphic used to show patients blockage. The Doctor said, "It doesn't get any better than this, go home." I will NOT be without the Enzymes. I don't know why they thought I failed the test. But the results indicated to me that the enzymes were doing what I had learned that they could do. To clean the "crap" out of my system. I'm still a believer. :-D

As for the Bone Density Test recently taken. I don't like prescriptions, yet I'm willing to take supplements. Go figure. I'm pretty faithful to the NutraPerfect Vitamin along with the Enzymes. Both have Calcium as does the ImmunoPerfect. Apparently it's working. There is no recommendation to take any thing else.

Linda S. | Clive, Iowa

Dr. Chambers, just a short note to tell you, "Thank You" for developing these WONDERFUL products.  Every NutraPerfect product I have used is amazing. Right now, my favorite is FemPerfect !  It makes everyone's day better!!  Hope to see a protein powder in the future.    

M.F. Iowa

EnzyPerfect and VitaPerfect, with some ImmunoPerfect tossed in once in a while (along with some high antioxidant foods and teas) is a regimen that has worked for me for these last 8 years. Within those years, I can count on one hand the number of times I've been "under-the-weather" or what would qualify as stay at home ... go to bed "sick." I think that's pretty good, considering all the high tech "bugs" that have been flying around the last few years.

Linda S. | Clive, Iowa

Thank you for introducing me to your NutraPerfect supplements in August, 2014.

Soon after I began taking the VitaPerfect vitamins,  I noticed how effective they

were and how much they contributed to my active lifestyle. I'm 73 years old and

 will not be without your all natural and perfect vitamin.


Phyllis, MO