Probably one of the true panaceas for health would be liquid Aloe Vera.  SInce it is mentioned five times in the Bible, it is considered one of the original healing arts. Aloe Vera is considered to be anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant and antibiotic.  Claims are made about it as a cancer and tumor treatment as well.  It's supposed to assist in regulation blood glucose.  It is not just for topical uses but it can be ingested if the right Aloe is used.  It is wise to get a good education in Aloe Vera before a purchase.  Unfortunately, there are many ineffective charlatans that are producing inferior Aloe Vera.  Here are some things you need to know.

Juicing an Aloe Vera plant will give you 99.5% distilled water from the plant itself and .05% of the active ingredients called mucopolysaccharides.  None the less, that .05% of active ingredient is very important for various healing purposes whether it's topical or ingested.  Ingesting Aloe Vera from a plant without it being charcoal filtered can be hazardous.  There are two microscopic cathartics inherent in Aloe that can cause harsh diarrhea to occur.  Small amounts of Aloe from the plant could probably be ingested without the diarrhea effect but not recommended.  Of course, using the aloe plant topically poses no threat.

The single strength Aloes commonly found in health stores to be ingested should be charcoal filtered and need to be in a particularly high quantity amount to be effective.  Six to eight ounces each day need to be ingested for true effectiveness.  This could be quite expensive. 

However, there are 10X concentrates that can be used in much lesser amounts and this is a big savings.  These high concentrates can be taken in one ounce amounts daily without fear of the cathartics because they are charcoal filtered.  NutraPerfect produces a 10X Aloe Vera concentrate in a one quart bottle.  The manufacturer pours extracted Aloe juice of the whole leaf into a long shallow trough and huge fans blow air across the liquid to dehydrate the water portion of the Aloe significantly.  It is guaranteed to be at least ten times the concentration of a normal plant by the time they continuously pour in more Aloe to be dehydrated.  It is then charcoal filtered and bottled.  One ounce of this concentrate is considered to be a better buy for your money.  The one ounce of the concentrate has the effectiveness of 6-8 ounces of the single strength Aloes.  

Theoretically, if the 10X Aloe has been processed correctly, this means the active ingredients are boosted from the .05% in a single strength to a full 5%!  Again, a better buy with more mucopolysaccharides.  

Warren Laboratories produce an "Aloe" that uses the name "George's".  People like it because it tastes good.  As a matter of fact, it tastes like water because it is water.  It says right on the front of the label, "100% fractionally distilled Aloe" but nobody reads it with comprehension.  What does fractionally distilled Aloe mean?  If any liquid of this nature is being distilled, the process is capturing the heated vapors or the distilled water from the Aloe.  So Warren Laboratories are selling distilled water at $25.00 per half gallon and placing an Aloe label on it.  There are no active ingredients in George's.  Only water from the Aloe plant.  Unless there are some active solids in the water (mucopolysaccharides), the public is simply getting water.  There is no "magic" nor any healing substances.      

Tests can even be completed even by a layman.  This test is called an MPS or Methanol Precipital Solid test.  When methanol or grain alcohol is poured into the Aloe liquid, it chemically bonds with any solid and it precipitates or sinks to the bottom of the container.  Within minutes this occurs and the solids can be seen.  "George's"  shows no solids at all following an MPS test.  Many other Aloes have limited solids that can be seen following this test.

The names on bottles can also be confusing. Aloe Vera Juice,  Aloe Vera Gel, etc.  The Aloe Vera Gels will generally have carrageenan or kelp added to thicken the Aloe liquid so it will stick to your skin.  Remember, Aloe Vera is as thin as water and won't stick well after juicing.  Surprisingly, some people will be duped into thinking they are getting the real Aloe gel and drink the gloppy thickened stuff thinking they are getting a better Aloe.  Yuck.  The charcoal filtered Aloe juices can be consumed with no problem and they are as thin as water.  Because they are a single strength Aloe they need to consumed at 6-8 ounces each day for effectiveness.  Obviously, the NutraPerfect 10X Concentrate is a better Aloe all the way around.