It’s a sad commentary on Western traditional medicine that arthritis sufferers must continue to receive no answers of actual relief of their joint problems other than “band-aids” to mask pain.  Pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications are still the secondary treatments being prescribed for people with arthritis.  Even worse, joint replacements and other horrendous surgeries are being performed because there seem to be no other alternatives.

The fact is there are answers to resolve arthritis.  The primary treatment for rheumatoid arthritis has been known for quite some time. At least there are answers in alternative medicine circles.  This is not a well-kept secret.  Most M.D.’s have simply not known the actual answer to cure the issue.  Research in chemistry and physiology of the body has shown that uric acid crystals in the joints have been the primary culprits causing Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Just like small shards of glass they seek a place of least resistance.  A resting place, if you would.  They gouge and cut into the connective tissue of cartilage and cause swelling and much irritation.  Thus, an inflammatory response occurs.

Effective primary treatment has been found to be a simple orally administered enzyme called protease.  All enzymes have a specific job.  The protease job is to assist in digesting proteins.  No matter where derived, meat, legumes, nuts, or etc., we still can have difficulty in digesting proteins because of a depleted pancreas of certain enzymes. As I mentioned to clients many times before, we deplete many of our body’s metabolic enzymes because of over‑working the pancreas due to too many cooked and processed foods.  Those foods have no enzymes in them, thus they work or tax the pancreas.  A person with a lifetime diet substantially of live, raw, whole foods will never have arthritis.  It should be mentioned also that the pancreas’ ability to function properly is somewhat familial or genetic.  We do pass what we have done to our bodies to a certain extent on to our children.

One of the immediate solutions to revive a depleted pancreas is to start slowly changing the food intake over to at least a 50% live plant based diet.  I should stress the slow transition to this type of diet because most people are not accustomed to the additional fibers and initially could have G.I. tract problems.  Soda pop and processed carbohydrates must be eliminated.  The pancreas is quite resilient and will bounce back if you give it a chance. Following this new regime, an individual can develop the ability to once again digest all foods including proteins that may be otherwise left over as a residue to cause sticky sludge blood conditions and ultimately uric acid crystals.

Also, taking digestive enzymes such as NutraPerfect enzymes called EnzyPerfect, both with foods and between meals, will quickly start to dissipate the protein causing uric acid crystals.  This is primary treatment for elimination of Uric Acid.

NutraPerfect has also been researching the biggest of all arthritis problems, Osteoarthritis.  Science has been dabbling into many types of Mucopolysaccharides as a possible solution.  Shark cartilage, Shark liver oil, Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulfates, MSM, Cetyl Myristoleate, Aloe Vera, Yucca, Boswellia and much more have had effective results to address the pain of Osteoarthritis and reverse the cartilage degeneration. All of these synergistic ingredients assist to develop the damaged matrix where cartilage is needed.  Most of these items also act as effective pain relievers of Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis.   Some people have achieved good results with one of these ingredients or the other.  NutraPerfect decided to create the first formula in the nation with most of these important Mucopolysaccharides plus the elements of copper, Vitamin C, and the B complex to act as catalysts to create new cartilage.

If the Osteoporosis condition is literal bone loss or poor bone density this is addressed somewhat differently.  Bones harden based on the stress and strains we put upon them.  Resistance exercises are the key.  As we age often we become inactive and the bones start to lose or leech calcium. Perhaps you have seen videos or pictures of astronauts floating weightlessly in space. Even after short flights of being weightless in outer space, they lose bone density.  Bones require weight and stress from gravity to be put upon them for integrity. Even though I don’t encourage obesity, you will usually never find a fat person with Osteoporosis.  Just by virtue of gravity of their body weight they are placing on their bones, they are gaining bone integrity.  Conversely, skinny people without much body weight have to do resistive types of exercise to maintain proper bone density.  Calcium, which of course is an essential mineral, plays an important role as well. Many people are seeking great quantities of any type of calcium to address bone density problems.  Unfortunately, all calciums are not necessarily bioavailable to the system.  Some calcium absorbs better than others.  It was recently discovered that Algae contains a very bioavailable highly absorbable type of calcium. Many companies produce algae calcium.  They utilize this type of Algae calcium along with the important co-factors of magnesium, boron, silica, phosphorus, Vitamin D-3, etc in formulas to improve bone density.  When these ingredients are placed in tandem with Hcl, an acid base, they improve calcium absorption.  Pre and post bone density tests have shown improvement in as little time as thirty days with these calciums.      

Also, it must be said concerning arthritis the use of essential fatty acids for joint lubrication is imperative. EFAs, Omega three fatty acids, Essential Fatty Acids as they are called synonymously are all about the same.  There are plant oils such as Evening Primrose Oil, Flax Seed, Flax Seed Oils, Black Currant Oil, walnuts, walnut oils, etc.  Or marine oils such as Fish Oil, Salmon Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Krill Oil, etc. that are necessary for proper joint lubrication as well as other important health requirements.  The key is the amount of EPAs and DHAs in the oil.  It has now been researched that everyone everyday needs 1,000mg of the EPA and DHA in combination.  Many people with arthritis find they have almost immediate improvement in their arthritis conditions when starting essential fatty acids of one kind or another.  After all, the word “essential” means your own body cannot produce it and you must get it from an outside source daily.  I suppose if we all lived by the coast and consumed good fish regularly, we would not have to supplement.  Even children should be taking some kind of an EFA/DHA daily for focus, etc.  My mother gave all us kids in our family Cod Liver Oil every morning on our way out the door to school.  I suppose she really didn’t know it was for brain function, anxiety, depression, skin texture, joint lubrication and hormone development and balance but we were required to have a daily dose.  Bless our mothers.