Calcium supplement:  Do you really need it?

Calcium supplement: Do you really need it?

Bones harden based on the stresses and strains you put upon them.  As we grow older, weight bearing exercises seem to get less and less. However, they are necessary to a certain extent for bone integrity.  Even walking with weight belts or carrying weights will place some stress on muscles and bones for increasing proper density.  A simple bone density test will reveal where you are in bone integrity.  

Much too often, I hear of people having tests including x-rays completed to surprisingly find out that calcium deposits are appearing in heart valves, in arteries, and in places along the spine causing stenosis.  There are many different types of calciums available in health stores but how much does a person need?  Maybe none as a supplement.  Calcium is an essential mineral that should be in the diet daily.  Calcium rich foods are generally enough for various physiological conditions.  It is difficult to find a food that does not have calcium in it. If improper eating is occurring, a calcium supplement may be necessary.

Obviously, people that are overweight are constantly placing stresses and strains on their bones because of gravity and they have good bone density.  Just by the extra weight they carry during walking, bone density is usually not going to be a problem.  Of course, if they are sitting around not placing weight on their limbs, bone deterioration can occur with them too.  Skinny people that don't have much gravity will always struggle with bone issues.  They may need to do more weight bearing exercises and possibly take a calcium supplement.  Slim people must be careful to have bone density measured periodically.  Remember, if your muscles are flexing, you are placing stresses on bones for integrity.

I don't recommend any prescriptive bone density pills or shots.  They harden bones so much, bones can actually crystalize and possibly break.  Many dentists will have you sign a waiver if you are using a prescription bone hardening item. While doing dental work there is a distinct potential of breaking a jaw bone!  

Adding supplemental calcium should be done with prudence.  If you are getting calcium rich foods, perhaps they would suffice.  Don't over-calcify.  If you have the need for bone hardening OTC supplements, talk to a reputable health store person about Boron, SIlica, the various Calciums, Vitamin K-2, and various other minerals, etc.