Today's health issues now require a constant education.  To keep up with the negative effects of pharmaceuticals, to understand the various viruses and bacteria in our environment, and the dangerous and sometime deadly pollutants in our air requires vigilant attention.  I don't believe it was this imperative years ago.  What is happening to our world? 

If you have watched and heard television commercials advertising all of the new pharmaceuticals, it is scary to hear what that industry is doing with health in our society.  Unfortunately, many people are caving-in to these horrible drugs and their side effects.  Supposedly, before it can be a drug inflicted on the public, formal and expensive clinical trials must be performed by FDA regulation.  Often for years before they hit the market.  Someone conducting clinical trials is messing up!  This should be no surprise. The ones conducting the trials are being paid by the sponsor(s)!  All possible side effects of these new drugs are supposed to be scrutinized and tested for all side effects.  But yet there are many recalls and warnings given about potential side effects.  Maybe the warnings alleviate the liability.  The warning lists verbalized on television and on labels are enough to warn a person to not take them.  But people still do.  Often due to the insistence of their physician.  Perhaps because docs are still taking advice from their pharmaceutical sales rep who is there to promote them.  The reps get commissions for the sales of course, so there is an incentive to put the pressure on docs.   

Does anyone hear the television warnings about possible tuberculosis, bleeding, diarrhea, hepatitis, joint pain, headaches, rashes, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, and even death as possible side effects of a listed new drug being advertised????  I guess not.  People are still taking them.  I guess they are thinking it's not going to be them.

We must be vigilant.  We must understand the drugs being prescribed by physicians and their potential side effects.  We must question to ultimately receive understanding.  Big Pharma is a multi-billion dollar industry synonymous to a runaway locomotive.  It's now hard to stop or slow down.  Many people are demanding more natural cures but they are not being produced by the pharmaceutical industry.  No money there.  Further, many natural cure producers are being fined or arrested for making claims on labels.  Only the FDA can do that. 

We need to study the dangers of our drugs and environments and seek the best possible elements to combat illness and disease. Pharmaceuticals are a poor choice.