As mentioned in previous blogs, there are specific items you should have in your diet or supplementation.  If you can guarantee that these items are in your foods, you don't need to supplement.

--12 Vitamins

--17 Minerals

--9 amino acids

--Essential Fatty acids or Omega 3s.

These listed items are essential for optimal physiological and brain function.

My formulated VITAPERFECT has all of the vitamins and minerals in 2 capsules each day.  This is a food grade vitamin and not a synthetic.

One helping of some sort of meat daily will give you all the 9 essential amino acids.  This would include fish, chicken or turkey as well.  If you are trying to build muscle hypertrophy, extra protein powder may be necessary daily.

Finally, fish oil daily is for many functions of the body.  My fish oil called OMEGAPERFECT will give all the necessary EPAs and DHAs you need daily in 2 capsules. 

So, basically two supplements are very basic and fundamental to your body.  Everything else is extra if needed.

These aforementioned items can be found in many health stores nationally.  If you can't find them, call 801-434-8558 or order from www.nutraperfect.com web site.

Of course, for proper digestion, immune building, joint re-building, cholesterol control, glucose regulation, etc. there are additional supplements for these issues.  You can find them as well at the web address.

For any questions regarding health issues, you are welcome to email me at info@nutraperfect.com.