I am amazed at the high numbers of individuals that still are totally dependent on their physician for health advice.  Some physicians have gone to great extents to study natural medicine post Medical School and many have not. Many docs are still depending on a pharmaceutical reps advice. Unfortunately, patients are getting caught in the pharmaceutical “jaws” and have difficulty getting away from poor and often unfounded MD information.   Too many of the prescription medications that we take are very habit forming.  If not physically habit forming, then psychologically.  We need to take more responsibility in resolving our own health problems and investigate more natural substances to assist.  I am impressed occasionally to find a few folks who study, analyze, and determine the root of their health concerns.  They are frequenting the health food stores and getting excellent results in taking the individualized and self designed “medications.”   These are some of the same folks that are making legitimate demands when visiting medical doctors to give contraindications of medicines prescribed and demanding to know all possible alternatives to surgery and other traditional medical procedures.

            Of course, there will always be many who say, “I simply don’t have time to study what is best for my health and I must leave this up to the experts.”  Or, “I don’t want to learn about something that I can’t understand, so I will place my life in the hands of my medical doctor.”  What a sad commentary!  One of the basic fundamentals of life must be the understanding of our own health.  It must be as important as loving our families and being faithful to our religion.  Without good health we can’t do either of these other two very well.  The pablum that we are taught in our school health classes does not even gloss the surface.  We need to know in much more detail, more about our bodies.

            Have you heard some of the pharmaceutical television commercials lately?  Have you seen how many more there are now?  Usually, close to the end of the very dramatic tv commercial, there is a lengthy disclaimer or list of possible complications or side effects.  The person speaking increases the verbal speed of the presentation to fit it all in but if you listen closely, you would be amazed at the possible complications of the medication advertised.  Most people tune this ending segment of the commercial out of their mind.  This is really the part that we should be listening to.  The possible complications are often such things as headaches, diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, dizziness, constipation, breathing difficulty, rashes, tumors, cancers, glaucoma, vomiting, and etc.  And this is just a short list of the things mentioned on such items as Prilosec (for heartburn), Claritin (for allergies), Zoloft (for depression), antihistamines, prescription weight loss products, nose sprays, sexual dysfunction products and more.  What about the contraindications of these medications and others in the market?  If you read the many possible health problems that can develop from taking many prescription medications, you would never even come close to taking them.  Most of us know about the “permanency” of high blood pressure prescriptions and heart medications, anxiety and depression medications and many other psychotropic medications.  Once you start them, often you are not physiologically or psychologically allowed to stop.  You are then “hooked.”   There are alternatives!  You must seek them out. 

            Spend some of your leisure time in studying about your health.  There is a plethora of information in books available to you.  Ask your local health food store owner about a product from his/her shelf.  Ask alternative care practitioners for their recommendations.  You will get many answers and opinions but you then can seek the best one based on a more educated effort.

 Don't be the one that says, “I don’t have time to learn what is best for my health..........”