Diverticulosis is a rupturing of the sigmoid part or descending colon of the large intestine causing pockets or divots in the intestinal wall.  The walls of the large intestine are normally mucosal and have many folds and ridges but should not have pockets.  The pocketing is probably caused from continual straining during bowel elimination, constipation, irregularity, or forcing bowel evacuation at some point of time in life leaving the ruptured pockets.  Unfortunately, it is not known to ever heal itself.  Some small food particles and especially seeds can get caught in the pocketed areas and cause irritation for some.  It is considered to be a very painful condition.  An irritated diverticulosis pocket is then called diverticulitis.   

Many people with diverticulosis never experience the irritation and therefore never have the severe pain associated with the condition.  Others must be cautious in not ingesting any food that is not completely digestible especially certain insoluble fibers and seeds.  Plant based fibrous foods in the diet daily are often recommended to assist in improving elimination. 

Supplements that are derived from seeds in the fabrication process are rendered harmless to those with a diverticulosis problem.  Probably because of the micronizing process or making them so small, they are no longer a colon issue.  Oils from the seeds are also no longer a danger.  In liquid supplements, seeds are often reduced to a gel form also causing them to be harmless.   

If constipation is an on-going problem causing diverticulosis or hemorrhoids, a natural supplement taken at night of magnesium citrate powder mixed with water will help.  Of course, everyone should be drinking the proper amount of water daily.  If increased water consumption does not resolve the issue, then magnesium surely will.  Magnesium amounts will vary from person to person.  It is recommended to use a measured amount to cause a normal daily elimination without diarrhea.  Some need more and some need less.  Thus, the recommendation of magnesium powder to measure the individual respective amount required.       

Some people with diverticulosis cannot even effectively digest some seeds as small as the seeds found in Strawberries.  Nonetheless, it is always wise when introducing any new element or food into the body to start with limited amounts to see if any reactions occur.  

Also, reading lengthy articles while on the toilet is not a healthy habit.  Placing the body into a straining position on the toilet for a long period of time can be detrimental.

There is a strange new item being marketed to assist in bowel elimination at home.  "Squatty Potty" or the look-a-likes actually have a good underlying anatomical principle validating their usage while using the toilet.  A person is to place their feet upon it while sitting on the toilet, elevating the legs somewhat and placing the body in a more natural state for elimination.  Supposedly, just sitting on a toilet stool lid is not a natural position for eliminating and can cause the straining leading to diverticulosis and possibly hemorrhoids.