Many people feel that getting plenty of clean water, clean air, and nutritional food will be the answer to living a healthy life.  If you could find all of those things and practice using them, this equation would probably be true.  Unfortunately, we often have difficulty in finding any of those healthy virtuous items or we simply don’t seek to guide our lives accordingly.    

We choose to live in congested, polluted cities, drink unfiltered chlorinated water from the tap, and eat the foods at local fast food chains. Or worse, we eat at the places where we buy our gas!  We get our tummies “filled up”, but achieve very little nutrition following this regimen.  Convenience dictates a lot to us.  Even to the point of breaking our health.

There are ways to assist in keeping the air in our homes and cars more pure as well as many types of water filters to clean and purify our drinking water in the home.  We need to use these devices.  DNA codes are being set for future generations.  It is up to us right now to start living cleaner and healthier lives; even if it costs a small amount to assure this will happen.

Truly nutritional food needs to be sought out as the source for our family’s meals.  With the decrease of nutrients in our foods because of GMOs, overused soil, the application of insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, and etc., it becomes even more imperative what we eat has nutritional value.  It is not going to be found in a box, package, or by going through the drive-thru window at the local fast food joint.  We need to concentrate on more “live”, raw, uncooked, sources for nutrition.  This is the most natural way of achieving good nutrition and supplying essential elements to the body.  You don't have to be a 100% complete raw foodist or vegetarian.  But around half of what you eat in a day should be raw.  (Fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and berries)

Now, for those that just can’t follow this good eating pattern, there is still hope.  Alas, there is supplementation.  Remember, not all supplements are created alike.  I am a strong proponent of capsules because of the speedier break down period.  A person should also educate themselves as to what ingredients work synergistically and what they affect in the body.  VITAPERFECT by Nutraperfect is a food grade natural multivitamin that will supply you with essential vitamins and minerals that you may not be getting daily. (Essential meaning that the body requires these components on a daily basis for proper physiological function.) 

To delineate a few of the components and what their functions are: Vit A-Keeps eyes, bones, skin, and blood cells healthy. Vit B1-Essential for functioning of the enzymes that promotes the breakdown of carbohydrates. Vit B2-Helps enzymes that break down carbos and proteins. Vit B12-Needed for synthesis of DNA and RNA, builds red blood cells and maintains nerve cells. Vit C-Helps in healing, aids absorption of iron, protects against cell damage. Vit D-Helps calcium absorption. Vit E-Protects cells as an antioxidant, and is needed for healthy tissues and blood cells. Biotin-Helps form enzymes that break down fats and carbos, acts as a catalyst for several other vitamins and minerals.  Many minerals are essential in the function of building strong bones and teeth, blood production and protection, nerve function, and are an essential part of enzymes to act as co-enzymes for proper absorption and function of those enzymes.  

Even though this article does not explain all of the essential nutrients found in VitaPerfect and their respective function, the formula in this Vitamin/Mineral complex supplies you with the daily elements needed.  If you go too long without certain essential elements, glands, organs, or the parts of the body it supplies are going to have a dysfunction.  The break down often occurs very subtly and when a person first notices small symptoms it is a signal to supplement.  If not addressed by correcting or supplementing properly, larger more complex problems can occur.  The synergism between these components is so effective that they are more bioavailable than taking them individually.  I have formulated VitaPerfect to supply the body with all the necessary daily values where your foods may not be giving you them.  A simple phone call to order 801-434-8558 or looking to website.  There are selected health stores that also have this vitamin.