Several nights ago, there was a lengthy program on television raising money for cancer awareness.  Where the dollars would ultimately go was not indicated.  They used the words "cancer research" many times.

So, if physicians and others get more money, they will be more motivated to find a cure?  Medical health care costs are now astronomical.  Cancer drugs are ridiculously high. (As well as all drugs) Physicians are getting incredible salaries and compensation.  In turn of course, insurance rates are increasing. 

Our emotions are touched because most of us have lost a friend or loved one to cancer and it makes us want to help in some way.  Perhaps even by donating money.  Cancer is increasing and so are all health care costs.  Obviously, not a good summary for the millions spent on cancer research.  Physicians are receiving huge stipends and most research is not even close to a cure even though publications and advertising say otherwise.  Will raising more money for cancer research help?  I think not.  Researchers will receive higher salaries for doing the same thing.  No cure.  More money is not an incentive for a cure obviously.

Further, there have been a few intelligent and dedicated practitioners that have a 75-85 percent cure rate through natural means.  Their clinics are full and they have long waiting lists to get in.  Would any of the television money raised go to these people?  Of course not and further they are not acknowledged by western medicine.

The simple questions need to be answered first.  Where  does cancer come from?  What do we need to avoid?  What should we include in our diet or supplementation to assist in avoiding cancer?  Is there a genetic predisposition that makes us more susceptible?  Is radiation still around from the long ago atomic testing or other current radiation producing sources?

I will touch briefly on the conspiracy theories.  Some say the cures have been out there for many years.  It's a matter of researching the literature to find them because the pharmaceutical industry is not going to assist.  They would lose millions and perhaps billions if a natural cure were publicised.  Many of the successful dedicated practitioners that knew the cures have mysteriously died.  The formulas for natural cures have disappeared.  Even more strangely, the practitioners that have crossed the U.S. borders to other countries have been shut down by trade agreements allowing U.S. authorities to close them in foreign lands. 

Many sad commentaries concerning the future of cancer.  Until all factions can get together and share intelligent legitimate information, the answer may be long in coming.  More money raised will not be the answer.