Some institutions require flu shots for employees.  Not much of a choice there.  However, the public in general can make informed and educated choices about flu shots.  An M.D. recently posted information about the near fatal reaction he had from his flu shot.  It put him in a paralyzed situation for three months following his shot.  Of course, he indicated he would never do a flu shot again.  Since most people get ill after receiving the annual injection for a while and unfortunately some even experience long term debilitating effects, why do the shot?

Alas, I know the answer.  Television, radio, sign advertising, and Western medicine advice convince many to proceed with flu shots.  The insidious list of items in the shots is frightening.  The included items seem to vary from year to year.  And of course, the serum is usually late.  It’s the previous year’s virus genes that you are receiving with other items.  Viruses are difficult to keep up with.  Viruses mutate and the shots are usually the dead virus from some time before.  The theory is that your immune system will still try to develop or build an immunity which may help deter the new virus.  A poor assumption.

Learning about natural immune regulators is a challenge but they are available and they work.  However, the internet is loaded with elements of immune regulators.  I will be posting some of them soon.  Stay tuned.