Interstitial Cystitis or IC

Interstitial Cystitis or IC

An inflammatory issue in the lining of the bladder occurs mostly with women.  It is not known why it occurs nor why it is mostly with women.  Unfortunately, it can't be combated with antibiotics nor with any of the traditional natural cures either unless it is a bacterial induced IC. (Cranberry juice only makes it worse.) It is painful for those that endure this problem and certain foods seem to make it worse.  The timeline is generally somewhat short lived and for known reason it eventually just goes away.

As written in previous blogs, anti-inflammatory foods seem to help a lot   This may be a part of the answer to the problem.  When a person is eating anti-inflammatory foods the issue improves or never happens at all.

Traditional treatments by M.D.s include first examination with a camera through the urethra to the bladder to determine IC.  One treatment is "Inflating" the bladder with air to stretch it out.  Another, injecting water into the bladder stretching it out.  Also, Laser treatment to the entire lining of the bladder or just lasering a strip of the lining of the bladder.  Most of these treatments have limited success.  

I am listing some of the known natural cures or pain alleviating protocols for IC that have had some success:  



--pelvic floor massage (Performed by an M.D. that that has experience with this and knows what he is doing is the only one by law allowed to do this type of treatment.  Chiropractors, massage therapists or others are not allowed to do this treatment.  Seems like a weird treatment but it works for many.)

--My supplement called ImmunoPerfect taken at night has been effective for many.

--Quercitin as a supplement taken for 2-3 months has been effective.

--Eating a helping of Blackberries daily for a month has been effective.

--Melatonin of course taken at night has been effective.

--Colloidal Silver has been reported to work.

--Serrapeptase found in a health food store as a supplement is supposed to work.

Obviously, alcohol consumption, high sugar drinks, and other spicy type foods need to be removed from the diet.  A person with IC should be consuming a lot of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and berries.  More raw salad material.