I am in favor of juicing as well as blending.  High nutrient values can be achieved by juicing or blending.  The down side?  You have to get to the produce section of the grocery store more often and the cost of produce may be somewhat prohibitive for some.  The minor clean-up afterword may also be a deterrent for a few. The benefits of juicing or blending of course is in the healthy nutritional benefits of a variety of foods and the great tastes.

Juicing merely removes most of the fibers.  Blending keeps the fibers in tact and also assists in breaking down fibers so they are more digestible.  Smoothies don't have to have ice cream.  Advertising tries to convince you otherwise.  Juicing or blending does not require a recipe book.  Use common sense.  Experiment and combine what you think will work.   

All produce is high in nutrients and low in calories.  What a great way to lose weight.  Juicing or blending for one meal each day cuts daily calories considerably besides providing super nutrition. 

Even though I own a VitaMix, I prefer my Ninja blender for my smoothies.  Less expensive too.  My Jack LaLanne juicer makes great juice.  The Juiceman juicers are okay but more costly.  Both have a wide mouth opening so you don't have to cut up the items you're going to juice.  You don't have to spend a lot of money on expensive juicers or blenders.  Shop around.

I have never found anyone that didn't like my juices including my very particular grandkids.  Their favorite: Grandpa Blaine's Lemonade.  Juice 4-6 carrots, 3-4 apples, and one wedge of lemon with the rind on.   It's the best lemonade you will ever taste with no added sugar and a lot of nutrient value.  As we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas, I throw a hand full of whole cranberries in to juicer with the carrots and apples for some added tartness and more nutrients.  It makes it red also.

Don't try to juice a banana or an avocado.  You can blend them however.  Do you like chocolate pudding?  Who doesn't?  Blend 4-5 peeled Avocados (seed removed)), unsweetened powdered cocoa, honey or agave nectar, and perhaps a little milk or almond milk to thin and you will have the best chocolate pudding you have ever tasted.  You want a little banana flavor to the chocolate pudding?  Add the banana to the mix.  Place in small bowls and refrigerate.  Wow!  Great nutrients (Omega's) and limited sugar.

Keep in mind, you should drink what you blend or juice immediately to maintain the nutrient values and enzymes.  Storing it in the refrigerator may lose some of the health benefits. 

When juicing don't be afraid to leave the rinds on specific items.  Watermelon and cantaloupe juice just fine with their rinds.  Don't peel apples.  Don't even worry about the stems and seeds.  The juicer will discard them with the other fibers.  Apples can be added to almost any juice for flavor and sweetening.  I usually don't blend apples in the blender because it leaves the blended juice too grainy.  Unless of course, you are making applesauce.

This Winter have fun with your blender and juicer.  If you leave them on the kitchen counter, you will be reminded to use them.  You will also find that you will have more vibrant health and less WInter illnesses by juicing and blending.