While practitioners and advocates of health often stress the importance of regular exercise, better eating habits and lifestyle changes, the public at large still doesn’t have a clue.  I believe there is a more basic reason to have a more meaningful health education experience at all levels of schooling including primary and secondary education, college, graduate school and even medical schools.  The respective teachers must have the background and experience to present new and current information to the students.  Some lifestyle and health information is being diffused currently but under the old and archaic regime.  There is a lot of new information that needs to be known and practiced by the public. Too much time and effort are expended in the schools having students memorizing definitions and old theories.  After all, who cares about defining the word health?  We must know what it is that leads us to better health or to health maintenance.  The teacher of health or the health practitioner can help lead the person to good health inroads. 

 The whole twentieth century and now the twenty-first century often seems to be a vast conspiracy to make human beings into cool, well-tooled machines: If you can do something mechanically it’s right.  Ride, do not walk, take the elevator, do not climb the stairs.  Relax baby, keep your cool, and don’t show your emotions.  Sit, do not stand.  If it is in the grocery store, it’s not illegal, it’s not immoral, it must be ok to eat or drink.  Advertising companies have figured out what gets our attention.  If it makes money for the masses and increases the economy, it’s good. We have been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession in thinking that a prescription is the only way to fix a health problem.  Hardly anyone including the medical practitioners looks at potential side effects both short and long term of prescription drugs simply because it has been FDA approved.  Many drug makers and other entities have been caught changing or making-up numbers to make clinical trial statistics look favorable.  Some are discovered much too late after devastating health issues have been incurred by the public and then the legal gurus get involved.  It is good to remember that all elements that go into the body must be synthesized by the liver, kidneys, and other body mechanisms.  Are we really designed to make health corrections with a synthetic pill?  Where are the mind/body relationship studies in manufacturing pharmaceuticals?  Addressing the body only seems to be the general consensus among practitioners in the United States.

 In this country, we are in danger of becoming dehumanized.  We are deodorized, de-haired, sprayed, dyed, plucked, bleached, brushed, and whitened.  We are augmented, implanted, transplanted, make-up permanently tattooed, fat liposuctioned, and stomachs stapled.  Our food has the calories sucked out of it. Our grains are destroyed by processing and grinding them into fine flour.  Our fruits and vegetables are genetically produced and color added.  Everything we eat is cooked, canned, packaged, boxed or frozen.  Everything we eat is dead.  Our clothes do not get dirty or wrinkled.  We are the living embalmed.  It does not take tyrants from Middle Eastern countries to destroy and terrorize our society, we are imploding from within.  Do we really need to wonder why cancers are on the rise in our country or why there are GI tract and liver issues, or an increase of pancreas problems?                  

Health teachers at all levels of education and medical practitioners both traditional and alternative must show the public the process of living and we must relearn the process of being truly human.  Rejoin the human race, rediscover gravity, understand time and space, experience rhythm, sense aesthetics, learn to relax, and find new physical definitions of self.  Pay tribute to Deity and meditate accordingly.  We must learn how to prepare and serve more live, raw, whole foods to maintain the integrity of those God given foods from the trees, the vines, the bushes, the stalks, and the ground.  The ultimate success of our future and the health of our posterity are contingent upon it.    

(This article is an excerpt of Dr. Chambers upcoming new book, "The NutraPerfect Lifestyle".)