Don't be fooled by bad publicity regarding raw foods.  They are vital and necessary for many reasons.  Typically, raw foods won't hurt you and they are good for you.  More people are sickened by eating tainted cooked and prepared foods than those eating bad raw foods periodically.  Bacteria can exist in both unfortunately.  Cooking at the proper temperatures will generally kill most bacteria.  Raw food synthesizes water and nutrients from the ground through their roots usually eliminating most germs.  Unfortunately, bacteria can creep into the roots as well some time.  Plants, fruits, vegetables of all sorts also have an immune system.  So, most bacteria in the food itself will not survive in the ultimate harvest of the product.  Not saying anything about the possible bacteria on the outside of the produce due to environmental factors.

As distasteful as it may seem, workers in the various farmed fields domestically and internationally will often use the field as their bathroom.  This is not the way to fertilize a field!  Many years ago, various government factions required all farms with migrant workers to provide portable outhouses.  However, the question remains, will they use them? Or how often are the porta-potty's cleaned out before they overflow into the fields?  Ick!  And we are wondering why selected bacteria is periodically found inside and outside our foods?  How can they wash their hands before picking fruits and vegetables following toileting?  Again, ick!

Even though, it is a requirement for all food handlers in restaurants and food preparation industry employees to wash hands with soap following toileting habits.  As you can well surmise, many don't wash.  Thus, E-Coli and many other types of bacteria are periodically found in food recalls.  However, nobody ever knows who the dirty culprit was that can affect millions of people and cost countless dollars of food waste.  At least, if the food has been cooked by the negligent employee, the public will probably not have any bacteria because of the cooking temperature.

Because chickens and other poultry eat their poop, the bacteria is inherent in their meat.  ALL POULTRY SHOULD BE COOKED THOROUGHLY!  This will kill inherent bacteria.  Cook all eggs as well.  No raw eggs in anything!

Hamburger should always be cooked well.  Hamburger meat is the entire beef.  The outside and the inside of the various meats.  If the outside of the beef has touched or been exposed to any bacteria as it is hung in a cooler, all of it is ground into the hamburger meat.  Steaks are a different story.  They can be cooked more rare without danger.  Steaks are on the inside of the carcass and not exposed to the outside touching potentially tainted meat.   

All this being said, raw foods are generally safe and should be at least 50% of the daily diet.  The body needs those varied nutrients and fibers found in raw foods.  Now days, all raw foods can be found year around in produce sections of grocery stores.  Take advantage of the local Farmer's Markets for the best raw foods.  (You may want to ask the farmer if they use pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides.  Or if they treat their fields and crops with Round-Up.  If they do, pass on the purchase.)  

Vegans or total vegetarians don't have the answer either.  They will miss out on Iron, B-12, CLA, protein, and more. If a person chooses to be a Vegan, you must be a smart Vegan.  Periodic health tests should be completed by a Vegan to see if one health component or another is missing.  There is a place in the diet for a variety of meats to maintain optimal health.  Eating a variety of raw foods daily is for everyone.