The Flu

The Flu

Every winter there is going to be flu.  It's worse in some areas more than others.  As the world becomes a smaller place by virtue of easy and quick travel, the flu is going to spread easier as well.  To take precautions will save you a lot of pain and perhaps avoiding the flu entirely.  Don't be duped by the advertising of flu shots.  Because the virus mutates quickly, the shot isn't effective.  Each season the flu shots come out but they are based on the previous season's virus.  Part of the theory is that if the body's immune system reacts to the previous shot from last season to raise your immune response, it might work to combat the new virus.  A poor assumption.  Even when the new virus is identified, it mutates quickly and the shot is once again ineffective.  Never let a doctor give you an antibiotic if you have the flu.  Antibiotics are to kill bacteria, a different critter.  The possibility of you developing a vaccine resistant "super bug" could occur if you are receiving antibiotics wrongly.  Unfortunately, there is nothing known officially to kill virus.  Often you have to wait it out in pain until the virus dies a natural death.  Of course, there are NSAIDS (Tylenol, Aspirin, etc) to help alleviate high fevers and some pain reduction but once the virus has got you, it is a painful and unpleasant challenge to wait it out. I won't detail the dangers of the flu shots here because they are too numerous.  Believe me, the flu shots have caused irreparable harm for some. 

Therefore, wash your hands often.  Don't put your hands near your face.  Use hand cleansers or cleaners when you are in public. Clean the grocery cart handles when they are provided.  Put gloves on when you are pumping your gasoline.  Don't go to church with the flu.  You're not going to hell for not attending once.  Don't attend public meetings or be in public places when the flu is rampant.  I am impressed in Europe and in Southeast Asia when I have visited there to see people wearing surgical masks either to not spread virus or to keep from getting it.  

Now, some answers perhaps you were seeking.  Alternative practitioners have a lot to say about virus.  All practitioners know that viruses are so small, they float through the air!  Bacteria is larger and heavier than virus, therefore they precipitate or sink to surfaces.  Unless a person literally sneezes in your face, bacteria precipitates to a surface.  Keep carpets clean by vacuuming.  Clean all surfaces in the house.  Change furnace filters.  Even though it's cold outside, let in some fresh air once in a while.  Use an humidifier to create moisture so any bacteria or virus will bond with the water and sink to the floor.  Of course, the moisture is good for your lungs anyway with your furnace drying-out things in the winter.  

It is said that colloidal silver sprayed on surfaces will kill virus and bacteria.  Oil of oregano and something called Mono Lauren (comes from coconut) taken orally are both supposed to be natural antibiotics and antivirals. They can be found in health stores.  The capsules are the preferred way of taking these because oregano oil is very hot on your tongue.  My formulated product called "BioticPerfect" has both of these ingredients in capsules.  It is believed that taking a hot bath when you have the virus will kill virus.  I have heard many good testimonials about this.

I recommend to many people to use my formulated "ImmunoPerfect" in the winter months to keep the immune response appropriate.  I often hear great comments from those taking this that they got through the winter with no flu at all.  Remember, if the flu bug is out there, it is floating through the air and can be on surfaces as well.  You will probably inhale it.  However, if your immunities are appropriate you can fight it and you may not even know you have the virus.  ImmunoPerfect is a capsule containing specific mushrooms, astragalus, cat's claw, aloe vera powder, elderberry and more.  Very effective for keeping activity in the white blood cells.  The BioticPerfect is the "killer" taken as needed and ImmunoPerfect is the immune regulator to be taken daily.

Of course, increasing Vitamin C is good advice.  A popular product in stores is called Emergenc-C.  It is a combination of Vitamin C and many other important vitamins and minerals.  A nice item to take daily to maintain good health in the winter.   

Now, for those that like the conspiracy theories.  Chemtrails left by jets are everywhere.  Some believe the government is intentionally doing this to decrease surplus population or to support Big Pharma.  When people are sick, they're going to seek ways of spending money to alleviate pain by going to the doctor or buying products that will help.  Sickness increases commerce.  Who knows where all the viruses and bacteria are coming from?  There are new ones every year and it is hard to keep up with the mutated ones. 

It has become extremely important to keep healthy by modulating the immune system.  Eat pomegranates or drink the juice.  Eat raspberries and other high level antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables.  Supplement year around to get the essential components the body requires.