Nine out of ten nutritionists recommend fish oils instead of plant oils for Omega 3s or essential fatty acids.  Since nobody is going to eat fish 3-4 times each week, a supplement of fish oil is recommended daily.  It is said that fish oil is more bioavailable to the system than the various plant oils and you are getting a straight shot of all omega 3s.  The plant oils have to convert one of the omegas to become all three of the omega 3s and often the plant oils don't convert well to become a complete set of omega 3s.  Nobody should ever burp a good fish oil.  If you are trying to use up a current fish oil in your home that makes you burp, place the bottle of capsules in the freezer.  Freezing takes all the burp away and freezing will not destroy the integrity of the fish oil.  Swallow frozen fish oil capsules until you use them up, then get a better brand after they're gone.  

People should take fish oil daily for many good scientific reasons.  The omegas are for brain function, focus, depression, anxiety, skin texture, joint lubrication, hormone balancing and more.  Many people have no omegas in their lives at all.  No wonder there is so much depression in society.

Further, it has been researched that the small abbreviations on the back of the labels of all fish oil products should read adequate amounts of EPA and DHA.  There should be no less than 1,000mg of the combined EPA/DHA in a daily dose.  This is the amount needed for proper physiological function.  Most fish oils fail in this amount.  Krill oil is extremely deficient in the EPA/DHA category.  Don't buy it.  Besides Krill is being depleted in our oceans and whales are having to go to 4,000 foot depths to find krill for food.  Don't be fooled by advertising, krill is not a good omega 3.    

When I was very small, my mom would make us take a teaspoon of liquid Cod Liver Oil going out the door to school.  Even though Cod Liver Oil is good, I hated the taste.  I don't think I could do it today because I recall the lousy taste when I was a kid.  I still hate the taste.  Thank Heavens, fish oil now is in capsules and easy to consume. 

As you can well surmise, I produce a great fish oil capsule called OmegaPerfect.  Two of these capsules daily equal 1,000mg of the EPA/DHA.  I looked for a quality fish oil for several years that had no burp and was still high in the EPA/DHA.  They can be purchased easily by calling my office at 801-434-8558 or by ordering them on-line at the website  We mail them out daily.  You can also ask your local health food store if they have them and they will get them for you.  Take them everyday!