Tummy Aches?

Tummy Aches?

After you have eaten or simply anytime, does your stomach have pains?  It's not supposed to be that way.  Our eating habits through the years have undergone drastic changes that contribute to these debilitating problems.

All too often, we fall prey to the advertising on the television and on signs.  All the items in a grocery stores are not good for you.  But due to public demand, the unwholesome items will always be there.  We have increased sugar laden items in exponential terms.  Enzyme dead foods are the largest part of our diets.  (All cooked, previously frozen, canned, boxed or packaged)  We don't eat enough live, raw, whole foods.  We eat more spicy, processed and hot foods.  More alcohol is consumed by many.  We have literally destroyed the stomach and digestive system.  Many health issues could actually and scientifically stem back many years of wrongful eating.

The human body is amazing in its capacity to endure and live on, despite not getting the proper foods.  People often wonder why the ultimate breakdown in health has occurred at some point in life.  It may possibly be the lack of proper foods through the years.  However, its not too late to change eating habits and enjoy good health.

If you have read previous blogs, you know I am a proponent of using supplemental enzymes to take the load off of the pancreas, liver, and other digestive organs.  Often, taking enzymes improve the potential pains that many endure following a meal.  The enzymes work in behalf and in addition to your digestive tract.  I have heard many people respond favorably when taking enzymes with meals.

If a person has been on a regimen of prescriptive antibiotics throughout their life or a recent bout, it may also be necessary to use probiotics to recreate friendly flora in the GI tract.  Probiotics are not for everyone but if antibiotics have been used all too frequently, probiotics may be a good additional supplement.  

Nobody should ever go a day without a huge gargantuan salad with many things on it.  That is a good start.  Spend some time and browse in the produce section of the supermarket.  THink about what you may do with the various items.  If you are confused and don't know how to prepare raw foods, look them up on the internet.  It seems simple enough but people don't eat enough fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts and berries.  

If permanent tummy pains still persist, perhaps a quarter to half teaspoon of baking soda mixed with water following a meal will assist in alkalizing the stomach where too much acid is occurring.  Conversely, some people need more HcL or hydrochloric acid by taking an HcL supplement from the health store following a meal.  The additional HcL is very soothing for many especially following a big meal.  You would have to determine if your stomach issue is too acid or not enough.   

Regardless of the supplement that may be right for you, you should be having more live food in your diet.

One other problem.  For some reason H. Pylori or Helico Pylori bacteria seems to be on the rise.  Nobody knows where it's coming from nor why it persists.  It has been determined that 95% of all ulcers are induced from this bacteria not from stress.  Pepsin kills it.  Pepsin pills or capsules taken periodically will keep it from happening.  Pepsin capsules can also be purchased in a health store.  The antibiotic regimen prescribed is quite painful itself.  Oil of Oregano capsules will also kill it.  Healing can occur successfully with consuming Aloe Vera liquid. 

H. Pylori in your tummy lining can only be determined by having an endoscopy. Sometimes it can be revealed through a blood test.  If you have tummy pains following a meal, you may have to try one or more of these aforementioned suggestions.  A future blog will comment on intestinal issues beyond the stomach.