We Eat Way Too Many Carbohydrates!

We Eat Way Too Many Carbohydrates!


Robert Atkins had the right idea to be critical of carbohydrates in the diet, but he didn’t differentiate between live  and dead ones.  His suggestion to substantially increase protein, as primarily large quantities of meat, is ridiculous. Granted, one can lose weight on this high protein diet, but it could be at the cost of ruining your kidneys and liver or creating joint pain.  Protein does not need to be this high in the diet.  The World Health Organization (WHO) sets daily protein requirements for most adults at about 5%.  WHO has been around a lot longer than Robert Atkins with many well educated and medically sophisticated personnel.  There are other foods besides meat that contain protein.   

Why do we eat carbohydrates?

We like them!  Carbs are cheap, they are readily available, the stores are full of them,  we like their taste and yes, they are addicting.  There is no such thing as an “essential” carbohydrate.  You simply don’t have to eat them to survive.  Your liver has the ability to convert proteins and fats to make carbohydrates for energy.  Carbohydrates certainly fill us up, fill the table and fill our family’s tummies.  They are a “warm fuzzy food” and very difficult to give up.  It has become the American way!  Why do we wonder that we are getting so fat as a nation? Why is diabetes on the increase? Why do we seem to have so much more yeast and fungus in the system, often called Candida.

Decrease manufactured, processed, refined carbohydrates, but keep eating the live ones. 

In other words, eat live, raw, whole foods.  What are they?  Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Grains, Sprouts, and fresh Juices.  Now, allow me to further qualify this list.  They need to be raw!  Not from the can or the freezer.  The produce section of the super market should have a bountiful “harvest” year round.  We can get any live food at any time of year if we look for it.  Raw foods are best when grown organically to insure better quality and purity.  There are many recipe books to guide you in the preparation of raw food meals to help keep them raw, natural, and to make them interesting.  Grain is great if you know how to prepare it without grinding it up into fine flour and baking bread out of it.  Some housewives are offended at having to eliminate whole grain flour because many take great pride in their “whole wheat” bread, muffins, pancakes, etc.  What an oxymoron!  There is no whole wheat in bread, etc.  The whole grain is destroyed.  Some of the nutrient values are still intact but all of the Krebs Cycle and natural enzymes are killed in bread.  If you expect to lose weight or keep glucose levels normalized, the flour must go.  You can use grains, but I recommend them as a raw food.  You must know how to keep the grain “alive” in preparation.  Juices are also great if you juice them yourself.

In psychology, there is a term called a paradigm shift.  A “re-thinking” of what we eat and how we govern our lives.  We have too many dead foods in our kitchen cabinets, and in our pantries.  Perhaps it is somewhat of an inconvenience to supply raw foods to our families and to relearn eating habits, but for optimal health this is necessary action.

As an exercise physiologist, I have worked with many people in weight loss.  I can tell you about 75 different diets, however, the easiest and most effective is cutting the refined carbs from the diet.  This also means eliminating cereals for breakfast, because they’re dead carbs.  Do away with candy bars and soda pop, and no more desserts.  The pounds will melt away naturally by your own body’s caloric expenditure simply by eliminating all processed carbohydrates.  Include fruit in your diet.  You won’t get fat from eating fruit. The natural sucrases (enzymes) found in raw fruits will digest or wipe-out the sucroses (fruit sugars).  Have you ever seen a fat raw foodist? You won’t worsen a diabetic condition or candida.  Don’t let a health practitioner tell you that raw fruits are harmful to you.  If the food comes from a tree, a vine, a bush, a stalk, or from the ground in that raw state, it is usually good for you.  The DNA/RNA of that God given produce was designed to “fit” into your DNA/RNA and provide goodness to your system.     

Further, you can eat raw foods in any order you wish without dangers of poor digestion or ill health. 

How ridiculous to focus on the myth of “food combining” when it comes to consuming raw foods.  Eat it raw and it will digest itself.  As many of you know, my research and professional philosophy indicates health virtues if you can maintain a 50% raw food diet.  That’s a minimum.  For many people, that’s a chore.  Don’t cringe at this percentage, you and your family’s good health and longevity may be contingent upon it!  There is much scientific literature pointing to the proven health benefits of live, raw, whole foods.  You need to take advantage of these foods and be firm in suggesting them to your families for their well-being.

 Perhaps you can now see why I am such an advocate of using digestive enzymes with meals.  (EnzyPerfect)  If you eat enzyme dead foods due to cooking, refining, canning, or freezing, the body needs the digestive assistance of supplemental oral enzymes, so the pancreas does not become “taxed.”  The NutraPerfect broad spectrum plant derived enzyme capsule will aid where dead foods cause problematic health conditions.

The many individual ingredients in the new formula of GlucoPerfect assist in alleviating carbohydrate cravings if you need help getting them out of your diet.  Some diabetics are even taking GlucoPerfect in place of their prescription.