GMO Foods and Why to Avoid Them

Hopefully, someday the U.S. government will require any food that has been genetically modified to be labeled as such.  

If you are not aware of the dangers of GMO foods, seek out information on the internet that would be more complete than this blog site would allow in time and space.  

Take my word for it, GMO foods are dangerous to your health and the health of your family.  You need to totally avoid GMO foods.

One of the reasons food manufacturers have not been required to label genetically modified foods yet is because there are a lot of folks that make a lot of money with their advent.  I have to sympathize with farmers because the GMO crops in which they produce yield about ten fold what a normal non-GMO crop would produce.  

Producing GMO foods gives farmers a chance to finally make more money but it’s certainly at the expense of killing the health of the nation.  Many of the huge profit making corporations like Monsanto and others support the GMO industry because they are the one’s that created it.  Big profits.

The general public does not know of the new toxic chemistry created when GMO elements are grown.  There are elements that contribute to diabetes, addiction behavior, and much worse.

A few states have now either banned GMO foods or they are about to.  As the public becomes more aware of the problems associated with GMO foods, there will be more bans.  Find out whether the foods you buy are GMO and then don’t buy them anymore to protect you and your loved ones.

Don’t eat GMO foods.  Don’t buy GMO foods.  Seek all foods other than GMO foods. Be critical in social media of GMO foods.  Tell friends, neighbors and relatives about GMO foods.  Become an active critic of GMO foods.  Push your state legislators to ban GMO foods.  Or at least require GMO foods to be labeled.  Educate yourself and become an expert of GMO foods.  Understand the all the dangers of GMO foods.  Take all GMO foods from your house.