About Us

The NutraPerfect Life Style

Mission statement

It is our mission to increase human health and health education through promotion in communities across the United States with individuals and groups. We teach self awareness individually and collectively that all people must take personal responsibility for their own health through diet, appropriate exercise, and proper supplementation.

Further, to stop the genetically inherited health problems in our posterity created by the lack of proper dietary information in the schools. We promote correct health information in the public media. We are committed to provide the finest health education materials and nutritional supplements to reach our goals.

Utilizing true scientific thought, process, reason, research and analysis to formulate ingredients into supplements to address the basic physiological needs of the body, we can assist the individual in achieving good health where foods may be lacking.

We believe health is more than the absence of disease. Many people that are not overtly ill or have no current symptomology of disease made manifest can have precursors or indicators that can be sensed and analyzed through alternative procedures.

Our first interest and concern is for the individual health of all people. Our monetary goals are secondary but meaningful in carrying our ideas and philosophy to more people. To this end, we can achieve assisting everyone to ultimate good health.

Company History

NutraPerfect originally started as an idea of Dr. Blaine Chambers to provide his formulated nutritional supplements to health food stores and practitioners. With a background in human physiology, herbs and the input of other country’s advanced knowledge and development of herbal substances, Dr. Chambers created the finest line of natural products to address many health issues.

The knowledgeable and friendly staff at NutraPerfect can assist anyone with health and nutritional supplement needs. The NutraPerfect staff can also give specific marketing recommendations for practitioners and health stores carrying our product line.

NutraPerfect was registered by Dr. Blaine Chambers Ed.D. with the Utah Department of Commerce as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) on August 7th, 2001. It was changed to a Utah Corporation on August 14, 2003. From the beginning of the company, there has been monthly growth in revenues with limited outside advertising or promotion. "Word of mouth" in the public has been the basis of tremendous company success a well as Dr. Chambers exhaustive schedule of speaking engagements and health store visits for individual consultation across the nation. When people feel better or when illness and disease has been reversed by virtue of his nutritional and health advice, they tell others.

Narrative Resume of Dr. Blaine Chambers Ed.D

Dr. Blaine Chambers holds a Doctor of Education degree from the College of Human Performance at Brigham Young University. Beginning his career as a full-time faculty member at James Madison University in Virginia then achieving an Associate Professorship at California State University, Fullerton, California, Dr. Chambers has experience in teaching courses in Laboratory Methods and Procedures, Exercise Physiology, Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology, and Research Methodology. He has worked in the private sector for more than eighteen years as a personal trainer and nutritional consultant for companies and individuals in the U.S. and Europe and has been a designer of programs for wellness and physical therapy centers around the country.

Dr. Chambers was a professional consultant for several years to the contract nutritional supplement manufacturer ADM Laboratories of Phoenix, Arizona. He was the Vice President of Marketing for Aloe Commodities of Provo, Utah. For seven years served as the Vice President of Product Development for Health Education Corporation of Salt Lake City. In this capacity he designed and developed more than 60 nutritional supplement formulas sold world wide under the NNI label and several private labeled companies.

Developing his own company NutraPerfect Inc. of Provo, Utah, he has summarized his career by producing the NutraPerfect line of nutritional products.

He has authored the books, "Blood Types and Nutrition" and "As I See It, (Under The Microscope)", “Living Perfect” and “The NutraPerfect Life Style”.